Master plan

I’ve been roaming this earth thirty seven years (minus one day) and I am finding it hard to believe. I know that I now look my age, unlike when I was just a couple of years younger and people still thought I was in my twenties. I believe that age has caught up with my face and my body and I’m ok with it. What I’m not ok with is how un-37 years old I’m feeling.

On the inside I still feel like I’m not as old as I should be. I thought that by now I’d feel more like an adult, more confident and in control. Most days I still feel like a child trying to figure out life and playing at being a mum. That’s not to say that I don’t take my role as a mother seriously. It’s just that I expected to feel like I actually knew what I was doing now I’m approaching forty.

My body is a different matter altogether. This past week is proof that I haven’t been taking care of myself the way I should have. I teach my children to be active, to eat healthy, not to slouch, to enjoy the feeling of strength that comes from leading a healthy lifestyle but I don’t necessarily practise what I preach. My posture is appalling (and this is the root of most of my body’s aches and pains), I prepare healthy snacks for my children but resort to a quick sugar fix when I’m running low on energy, I don’t exercise but give the girls every opportunity to jump, dance and run…need I say more?

I know something needs to be done and it has to be something permanent. I am constantly being reminded that our body is a machine that needs to be cared for and maintained. What worked for me when I was twenty (read: eating junk and burning the midnight oil) will never work for me again. I take great pride in my role as a parent but conveniently forget that I depend on my own health to be able to carry out those duties.

So, a master plan is being drafted (any tips and suggestions are always welcome). My thirty eighth year will be one that will make me healthier and stronger. Watch this space.

Unrelated photo which reminds me of 2 things: (i) she'll be two in 4 days!! (ii) we NEED to wean her off the dummy (pacifier).
Unrelated photo which reminds me of 2 things: (i) she’ll be two in 4 days!! (ii) we NEED to wean her off the dummy (pacifier).

Update: This is my 600th post! That’s a lot of words.



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  1. Marilyn Farrugia June 4, 2013 — 6:51 am

    Hi I’ve just read your post and what you’re saying was exactly what I was feeling until a few months ago, before I decided to do something that turned out to be the best choice I made for both myself and my kids – I’m attending circuit training at the oratory ground. Before I started I was all excuses and I guess that’s why it took me so long to begin, now when I don’t go I feel like i missed out on something important and that my day hasn’t been completed. The time is exceptionally good for me cos it means I don’t have to worry about leaving my kids with anyone except at home asleep with their dad and its probably the only hour of the day which is truly mine – for me…
    In the beginning it was extremely hard, I started in January (New Year’s resolution), we train outside so it was freezing most of the time and very often rainy and windy and the muscle pains in the beginning are scary, but as you push on you can feel your body slowly getting used to the movements and loosening and whereas before I’d think ‘God how am I gonna do these?’ Now I think ‘Yes, I did them and I can do more!’
    In all I’ve lost 15 and a half kilos, I feel lighter, happier and more energetic – able to keep up with my kids! I know I’ve still got a long way to go but I also know I’m on the right track. And as with all things, it’s a cycle once you start training you will starting eating right (cos you know you have to work for it if you don’t 🙂 ) and you get yourself into the right habits. I feel younger now than I did 5 years ago after I had my first child – when I had put on 17kg and felt like I could hardly move.

  2. Rowena Spiteri June 4, 2013 — 8:34 am

    hi Maureen! once upon a time I could happily survive on 7 hrs of sleep in an entire weekend – no more! I can now proudly say that I have more greys than my mother! you mentioned poor posture and aches and pains. I cannot recommend pilates strongly enough. its similar-ish to yoga, in that its gentle and there is breathing involved, but it targets the muscles of the stomach and back, which in turn lead to a better posture. meanwhile, i’m going to go and dust off my cross trainer, which sits proudly in my spare room and has been used 3 times in as many yrs!

  3. Hi Maureen, a few of us yummy mummy’s from school go to Strike aerobics at the sports complex. It is wed and fri at 12.30, i have a great time there, you get to punch, kick and shout loud!!!!! If you are interested i could hold your hand for the first few lessons!!!!

  4. I am the same age and have the exact same thoughts. AND a two and a half year old with a dummy (i cannot get her to give them up…I am resorting to cold turkey this weekend) I think that I have a young mind in an aging body…also I know that having a child (although a great blessing) has definitely added years to my face!!!! I guess healthy eating and a bit of time out are the way forward. And hey, I’m so not knocking the idea of a tiny teeny bit of botox x

  5. my thoughts exactly! i just forget all about myself and make everyone/thing else a priority. what’s your plan? i’d like to know! i need to do some exercise, but have absolutely no time!!! help!!

  6. Yep, know all about carrying a diet and an exercise routine worse than the one I impose on my girls…I´m just rubbish when it comes to stick to healthy habits…!

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