Robin turns 2

And just like that, the baby of our family turned two. Two years of stained clothes, floors covered in crumbs, house baby-proofing that never seems to end, trips to the hospital and more love than we ever thought we’d feel.

She coughed throughout most of the previous night but was much better on her birthday. We had planned to take her, Maia and those closest to us to the new bowling alley on this island. We’d play, have a bite and sing her Happy Birthday over a stack of cupcakes. Nothing elaborate and, most of all, no decorations (which for us are a big deal).

As things turned out, we ended up having an impromptu party at home, with one cousin and Maia’s best friend and both sets of grandparents. We ordered takeaway pizzas and I made a few carrot cupcakes which my sister decorated with Charlie and Lola (more specifically Lola) toppers. She spent the evening bouncing on the trampoline, dancing to Gianluca’s Tomorrow and shouting “happy!”.

It wasn’t what we had in mind but, sometimes, things work out much better when unplanned. Seeing how happy she was, basking in the attention and showing off her moves on the trampoline, is all that really matters.

robin 2nd birthday


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  1. I can’t get over how grown up she looks in that picture!! So glad she had a good time 🙂 xx

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