This weekend

This weekend started early.

With Maia now finishing school at noon and with the summer hiatus in her jazz and music lessons, we have more time together. And when I say together, I mean the girls and I. The husband is working 2o hour days at the moment. It has reached a point where I’m starting to worry about his health.

Anyway, on Friday we managed to spend a few hours with him celebrating the first Communion of Maia and her schoolfriends. They played barefoot on grass (provided by a football pitch…probably the only green place on this island right now), jumped on bouncy castles, had the typical arguments eight-year-old girls have and danced the evening away. Robin had her own playdate: a three-year-old boy whom she forced to share his football and balloons with her. The rest of the weekend was spent trying to convince Maia that summer has only just started and that, just because we haven’t swum yet, it doesn’t mean that “we will never ever swim again”.

And, speaking of summer, someone switched it ON this Saturday. It is officially hot. Oh joy.

school party m&rhasirasunday mik&r


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