Taming the monster

Being a girl can be a bitch.

I love my body and all it can do (never would I have thought I’d ‘make’ two healthy and beautiful girls). However, the privilege of being fertile comes with a hefty price. Once a month, for a whole week, I go crazy. My hormones are all over the place and I become a monster. I yell, I cry, I swear, I get hot flushes, cramps, headaches…you name it, I get it. And I’m not even talking about the actual deal here, because that week from hell is invariably followed by another week of pain and discomfort.

So, in my quest to beat PMS, I turned to social media and asked my online friends to share their tips and tricks. Most of them agreed that Agnus Castus changed their life and got rid of the monthly roller coaster ride they too used to be subjected to. I have now been having this supplement for almost three weeks and can already tell it’s working. By this time in the month, I should be tearing my hair out at the slightest obstacle, I should be crying myself to sleep and I shouldn’t be in the mood for fun of any kind.

Instead, I’ve been letting the girls play with water on the balconies (even the balcony overlooking the main road, which they are never allowed on), I’ve been playing and laughing with them even while I should have been cooking dinner or washing the floor, I’ve allowed Robin not to use a bib and happily changed her clothes five times a day and I’ve even had a picnic with Maia on our balcony in the scorching midday sun. It’s the apocalypse, I’m telling you!

I don’t know whether Agnus Castus is really working its magic on my body, but I can tell I’m approaching this part of my cycle differently. I’m less tense and, generally, happier.

And if these couple of photos aren’t proof, I don’t know what is:

yogurt robinbalcony picnic



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  1. okay, so i finally came over to read! i am so happy i did. i have severe mood swings (damaging to my relationship with ryan and the kids- on a monthly basis), and as you said, another week of horrible discomfort (especially the first two days). i am on my way to look into that supplement! we’re headed on vacation, and it falls RIGHT during the midst of “hell”… i need help!

  2. do you order it from amazon? just wondering which one (dosage) to get!:)

    • Oh torrie, I feel your pain. Literally! I got the supplement at a pharmacy here. I’m having the 550mg ones by Health Aid. I use the echinacea tincture for the kids too from that brand. I highly recommend both. If I found them here, you’ll find them there for sure. Good luck!

      • thank you! i really appreciate you taking the time to share. i love taking connections outside of instagram and into blogs. i’ve struggled to find time to post, as the kids have gotten older and i’m really trying to minimize the time on the computer (and many other reasons), but i am determined to get back to it. adding yours to my feed :).

      • Thank you for reading, Torrie! I look forward to reading more from a more seasoned mum like you. 🙂

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