Ball of fire

When I said that summer had been switched on, I wasn’t joking.

Last week I was carrying cardigans everywhere with us. Yesterday we got a visible tan through layers of sun cream at 6pm! It was/is so hot already that at a certain point in the afternoon I felt delirious. No matter how much I drank and how still I tried to remain, I was sweating bucketfuls (sorry for the image) and the much dreaded heat-induced headache made a comeback.

If you’ve been visiting this blog long enough, you’ll know I detest summer on these islands. However, I am determined to take another shot at embracing the sweltering heat this summer and making the most of these days, if not for me then for the kids. The most I managed yesterday was to take them out for an ice cream and a few minutes of playing on the beach but by then it was practically bedtime and Maia still has to go to school in the mornings.

The more summers I live through as a parent, the more I’m reminded of my own childhood summers spent entirely by the water’s edge. All I wanted to do was to swim underwater, collect shells and sea urchins and chase the octopuses (octopi?) hiding under the rocks on the seabed. Now I find myself trying to explain to an eight-year-old that the sun is too dangerous before 5pm. It makes me sad to think that today’s children are missing out on so much because of the changes in climate.

We have to find a way to work around it, even if it means invading my sister’s pool on a daily basis (ha! I’m joking, sis! Maybe.).

That's the ball of fire so many people envy us. At 5:30am. Radiating heat even at that time.
That’s the ball of fire so many people envy us. At 5:30am. Radiating heat even at that time.

On a different note, Robin had another follow-up doctor’s visit at hospital this week and she’s finally off the inhaler! It’s a trial but I think she’ll do well without it. What this means in practical terms is that she will most probably outgrow her breathing problems, like many of you suggested when she was ill last year. She has also gone from 15kg to 13.4kgs and we can now see her ribcage. When I expressed my concern to the doctor, he burst out laughing and pointed at her growth chart. She’s still on the 90 percentile for height and weight. And there I was thinking she was underweight.

Waiting for the doctor to see her. She couldn't wait to get her check-up done. She was convinced she'd be seen by Doc McStuffins!
Waiting for the doctor to see her. She couldn’t wait to get her check-up done. She was convinced she’d be seen by Doc McStuffins!


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  1. I’m so glad to hear Robin’s news! We weighed in Cesca yesterday – she’s at 15kg. She lost some weight, but that’s no real surprise considering her loss of appetite!

    P.S. – We are due that playdate next week. Tell me when you and the girls can 😉

  2. Great news about the young one…
    The beach is the only thing that gets me through the summer. That and siesta 🙂 I usually go at about 8/9 AM and back home at noon. It’s less crowded and the water is usually cleaner….

  3. summers’ long and sunny days can be quite…ehm…long & sunny 🙂 but at least we’ll have a break from the flu, chest infections, ear aches, stomach upsets and all the rest! I love summer, no heatwave or mosquito bite could ever, ever, ever make me prefer winter…:)))

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