This weekend

I don’t like to sugar-coat reality. If I’ve had a bad day, you can be sure I’ll admit to it.

This weekend didn’t start off too well. I was in a lot of pain (the joys of being a woman), it was really too hot and I was feeling lonely. It always surprises me how the feeling of solitude can creep up on you even when surrounded by people or, in this case, two loud and restless children. I was missing my husband and was feeling sorry for myself. So I gave the girls free rein to use to iPad and watch cartoons while I tried to read a magazine on the sofa next to them. Needless to say, I didn’t manage to read one whole article but watching them playing so well together made me feel better.

So I dragged myself off the sofa, we had a fruit picnic in the living room and got dressed. We then picked up a couple of pizzas from our favourite place and went to eat them at the only public garden on the island. Over an hour later, it was time to go and have an ice cream and admire the rising supermoon before going back home for some cuddles and bed. And just like that, almost a whole day of doom and gloom was exorcised with three hours of simple fun.

Yesterday we had a whole day with the man of the family and my sister’s family and it was perfect. I can’t even remember anything memorable that we did (except for a milestone hit by Robin, which I’ll write more about another day) but being with those people was enough to make me happy and give me a refill of positivity.

I hope your weekend refilled you with positivity too.

M icecream june13

xar june13
We can’t wait for that baby to join our family!

R&G june13


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  1. just a little note to say ive nominated you for the liebster award!

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