She’s ready

Yesterday I mentioned a milestone that Robin hit last Sunday. It was more of a happy accident but I’m feeling very proud of our little girl right now, so allow me to think of her as a little genius.

Let me start from the very beginning. Her grandparents gifted her a potty a few months ago and she loved it. She carried it with her everywhere in the house, sat on it (fully clothed) to watch TV or play, stored toys inside it and climbed on it to reach forbidden shelves. Clearly, the proper use of the contraption was lost on her.

So I put it away and only unearthed it this weekend, because potty training is looming on the horizon. I’m not too keen on starting on it, because it takes discipline and consistency and, honestly, with Maia’s summer holidays starting in a few days, consistency is the last thing on my agenda. I want to forget about rules and timetables for a while. I’d love to, but I know that relaxing too much would come to bite me in the behind later on.

This time we are keeping the potty in the bathroom, to avoid any confusion. Sunday morning, Maia was minding her own private business in said bathroom, when Robin asked to use her own potty alongside her sister. We thought it was cute, especially when we heard the grunts coming from her after she sat on it, but didn’t think much of it. A few minutes later, Maia joined me in her bedroom while Robin refused to get off her potty. I left her there assuming she would follow us a few seconds later.

A couple of minutes later, we heard the husband calling us, half amused and half perplexed. He was holding Robin’s potty, full of unmistakable evidence of the second kind (if you know what I mean). We couldn’t believe our eyes and neither could Robin! If I have to be honest, she’d been asking us to use the toilet for months now but I didn’t want to start something unless I was going to follow through with it. What happened on Sunday was possibly the biggest hint our little one sent me. She’s ready.

And this is where I ask you kind friends to remind me what to do/how to go about it/what I need to have at hand/tips and tricks…anything that helps give me the final push.

[photo taken by Maia]
[photo taken by Maia]

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