I’m a homebody. Anyone who knows me knows that. Being a homebody on this island, however, can be inconvenient. Especially in summer. Especially if you have children.

I would happily spend most of my days at home reading, writing, eating (of course) and spending time chatting with friends sitting on our sofas with tea and biscuits in hand. Reality is very different. We’re out the door at 8am each morning, either to take Maia to school or to summer club or to a dance lesson. Then there’s grocery shopping to be done, errands to be run and a toddler to be taken to playgrounds or an occasional snack at a cafe’. A few hours later it’s pick up time for Maia and then an afternoon of driving her to dance/music/catechism lessons. The time spent at home is mostly spent cleaning, cooking, supervising homework and feeding. Not exactly how I’d like things to be.

That’s our winter routine, but in two days our summer routine kicks off and I’m excited. And apprehensive. I’m going to have both girls with me all the time and, while I love having them both with me all day (I still miss Maia when she’s at school, even if I don’t admit to it), it’s going to be challenging. Last summer, Robin was still a crawling baby who could be held in a sling while I dealt with her sister and my chores. This year they are two children who bicker a lot and need me every few seconds. So right now I’m planning a daily schedule to give some structure to our days, otherwise we risk just sitting on a sofa watching TV all day.

Part of our day will be dedicated to outdoors fun activities, which will probably always involve a beach and lots of towels. We had a taste of fun to come a few days ago when we went down to the beach for an hour of play before dinner. The sun was just warm, the wind blew, waves crashed onto the sand and the beach was practically deserted. It was pure bliss.

PS – I just remembered a post I had written for Sunday Circle last year about my plans for summer. I might borrow a couple of ideas from myself!

photo (2)photo (4) photo (5)photo (6)giant maia june13



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  1. cannot get to your link on the sunday circle post. would love to read it!!

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