This weekend

This weekend was spent with a heavy camera in hand.

I am used to hearing the clicking and beeping of my husband’s cameras and these days I just block them out. They are as much part of our daily lives as are the voices of our children and the signature tune of Charlie and Lola. Up until two days ago, I was never the one producing them, but since I promised myself I wouldn’t give up easily this time, I persisted and am now quite enjoying trying to figure out the camera’s settings.

These are some moments from our weekend. I have a lot to learn and am very aware that these images are not perfect, but the subjects are as perfect as they get. As were the moments I captured.

_MG_3469_MG_3494_MG_3448_MG_3502_MG_3512_MG_3529_MG_3536_MG_3658 copy_MG_3694 copy_MG_3766 copy_MG_3814 copy_MG_3870 copy_MG_3859 copy_MG_3890 copy_MG_3904 copy


PS – Let it be known that the watermark is there to protect my children’s photos from being used elsewhere (even though it could be cropped out). I don’t think these photos are of a particularly stellar quality. I just was able watermark them easily (unlike my Instagram photos), so I did.



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