Dear Maia

Dear Maia,

I haven’t written to you in so long but what I have to say has been with me for equally long.

You’re growing, my girl. You’ve been with us eight years but it feels like you’ve always been here. You, too, feel like you’re older than eight and yet, the wide-eyed baby I cradled to sleep less than a decade ago resurfaces many times everyday. Yesterday you got your annual Big Haircut. As usual, we booked it for the day after your ballet exam and you couldn’t get to the salon soon enough. This time, Lara let you cut off a chunk of your own hair. I have photos showing the pride on your face. One day you’ll look at them and smile.

One day, I’ll look at these days and smile too. Right now, I’m not smiling as much as I’d like to. Seeing you become someone new is not easy. It wasn’t easy letting go of the crawling baby to welcome the toddling little girl. Seeing your first milk tooth fall out was shocking. Seeing you grow into a young lady is the hardest, even though you’re a few years away from actually being a young lady. You’ll always be my baby, even when you’ll be old enough to have babies yourself.

You’re the one teaching me and your dad how to do this parenting thing. We’re learning as we go along, the same way you are learning about life and this world we live in. It’s as new to us and it is to you, so please be patient with us.

I love you more than ever, Koukla.


PS – The first photo was you yesterday. The others are how you are when I think of you.

maiabob july2013





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  1. Marilyn Farrugia July 9, 2013 — 2:44 pm

    My goodness your words brought tears to my eyes…my feelings exactly when I look at my little Lisa 😦

  2. My baby will be 30 in a short time… And yes they grow up, but they will always be your babies πŸ™‚
    Beautiful words Maureen, your little girl will love this blog you’re leaving for her to read when she gets older…

  3. πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing. what memories…

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