Summer nights

This is the first summer the children’s bedtime has been stretched by a couple of hours. When you live on an island where the rhythm of summer is dictated by long hot days and slightly cooler nights, it’s only natural to stay up longer and enjoy the cool breeze we are sometimes lucky to have after sunset.

Up until this week, however, I had been adamant on keeping the girls’ bedtime as it had always been: 8:30pm for Robin and 9pm for Maia. Then they finally started waking up later in the morning, so their energy (and mine) lasted longer than the usual. We could finally go out for an after-dinner ice-cream or for a quick dinner on the beach. We could also watch The Wizard of Oz at the open-air cinema that’s set up each summer in one of our bays, as we did last night. We saw the entire film, both girls fully engaged throughout the film and we even had a smoothie after that. There were no grumpy faces, no tantrums, no complaints…just happy faces and lots of giggles. It was perfect.

I hadn’t yet said anything for fear of jinxing it, but this summer hasn’t been half bad so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

robin smoothie july2013



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