And so it begins

I had the best intentions for this week.

There was a long list of groceries to buy, toys to reorganise, beaches to visit with the girls, a yoga class to attend, birthday presents to buy and checkup visits with the paediatrician to fix. Then I woke up feverish on Monday and my diary was wiped clean within seconds. I’m starting to feel better now but the children spent the past two days at my parents’ house. Robin is now back home and Maia will come back later today. The Robin I got back home last night, however, is not the same one I left on Monday morning. She hasn’t worn a nappy (except to sleep in) for the past three days.

We’re bang in the middle of potty training.

I had been dragging my feet for the past month, even though I knew that the best time to get rid of nappies was during summer and that our little one was ready for the change. I would still be postponing the ordeal hadn’t it been for my mother, who stripped her youngest granddaughter naked and jump-started the whole process while I lay in bed fighting stomach cramps. So far we have had many successes and a few accidents. I had forgotten how time-consuming and patience-trying potty training can be. Or maybe I hadn’t, and that’s why I kept putting it off. In any case, there’s no going back now.

If and when we declare this milestone reached, I’ll share with you the method we are using. I won’t do that right now because I don’t know whether it will work or not. Wish us luck!



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  1. I am dreading potty training with my second son, he is only a year old next week so I have a little time, but still….arrrgh! Good luck with your little girl. : )

  2. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post all week, but finally found the time now 🙂 hope potty training is still on the right track, and good luck with the coming week! I remember the biggest headache for me were those times when we had to go out..this was two years ago but I clearly recall the planning; potty, change of clothes etc etc. Good luck with the rest of it! 🙂

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