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As I’ve mentioned other times, there are days when I’m really grateful for this crazy place called the internet.

There are many times I don’t and even feel threatened by it. I sometimes wish it didn’t exist and we could live a simpler, ‘offline’ life, but then something like this happens: my Instagram friend Nuria (I call her IG friend, but really she’s become a real-life friend at this point) started something which would not have been possible without the existence of the internet and social media.

To read the whole story, you can visit her blog here: The Adventures Archive

In a nutshell, she has started a book drive for our tiny island. People from all over the globe can donate books for our library in Gozo and some of her followers on IG have already pledged to send a book. If you live here, you’ll know that most of the books in the main lending library have been there for many many years. The vast majority of these books are falling to pieces and there’s little the staff there can do about it. Funds never seem to be enough to cover expenses and replace the old copies which I’ve been borrowing again and again since I myself was a child. 

If you wish to help, you can contact me or Nuria. Every little helps. Our children deserve this and more.





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  1. You can expect some books from us!

  2. I’m a bit busy at the moment with a birthday cake, but you can count on me… What a great idea, I’ll go through my stuff and see what I have.

  3. Adults books too or just kids books? I have some I’m waiting to take to the charity shop but happy to send to you instead? Tweet/IG me xx

  4. I’d love to contribute! Please send me more details.

  5. Will definitely look through my collection, and send some over 🙂 big thumbs up for the initiative

  6. It’s going to be wonderful. Thanks my lovely friend. x

  7. I’ll let this month pass by Mau, and I’ll definitely get in touch with you! It’s just that there’s too much craziness at the moment for us! Well done xxx

  8. hooray! what a brilliant idea! i want to help!

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