It’s happening!

As I mentioned in my last post, the book drive has made it to the local newspapers! This Sunday there was an article about our little adventure on The Sunday Times (Malta), which I’m attaching here for those of you who couldn’t find the paper or access it online.

sunday times book drive 18.08.13sunday times book drive 2 18.08.13

Meanwhile, I’ve received more emails and messages from people wanting to donate and we’ve received more books in the mail too! For someone who talks far too much, I’m stumped for words. I’m really surprised by this outpouring of generosity. It’s so heartwarming to see how many people love books and believe in the importance of reading.

These are the books we’ve received so far from America, Australia and the UK. I know that many others are on their way here and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

book drive arrival1book drive arrivals2 & 3book drive arrival 4book drive arrival 5

If you wish to donate a book you don’t need anymore or a new one, let me know and we’ll find a way of getting it here. Thank you!




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  1. Sigh, I seem to be equating the passage of time with the size of your children, they have grown so much from little bumps. Fantastic efforts on the books, I have a huge kindle library that I am always ( rather naughtily) happy to share. take care and much love. Your blog keeps me in touch with Gozo 😉

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