Potty training so far

When we started potty training Robin, my intention was to get it over and done with within a couple of weeks at most. That didn’t work out quite as I had planned…

I decided we should do it in two steps: 1. remove the nappy during the day and only use it for naptime and bedtime, 2. eventually get rid of bedtime nappies once I saw Robin was ready for it.

The first five days were the hardest. I set a timer to go off every twenty minutes, at which point I’d announce it was “potty time!” with as much enthusiasm as I could muster. Robin never resisted it and gladly ran to her potty, sat for a few seconds and ran off to continue playing. Sometimes she’d leave a few drops behind, sometimes a little more than a few drops and the rest of the time it would remain dry. So far so good. After four or five days, I stopped reminding her to use her potty and I noticed that she went when she needed to, without needing any prompting. There was a fair amount of accidents that first week, but I kept a bucket full of water at the ready and the shower worked overtime too.

My first stumbling block came about a week in. I had, so far, only risked taking her out in her underpants for no longer than the few minutes it takes to drive to my parents’ or my sister’s house. With the first proper outing looming on the horizon, I was faced with the realisation that I was totally unprepared. So I bought the smallest potty I could find and planned to take a couple of changes of clothes out with me. At the eleventh hour, I chickened out. I left the underpants in their drawer and took Robin out in pull-up training pants (which have since replaced the normal nappies). I thought she’d treat the pull-ups as underpants (which is the whole idea behind the pull-up trainers) and ask me for the potty when she needed to go. As it turns out, there is absolutely no difference between a pull-up and a nappy in Robin’s mind. They feel the same and they both absorb liquids, so whenever she’s wearing a pull-up, she forgets about the potty.

And so it’s been since then. At home or at my parents’ house, she’s in her underpants and uses the potty with virtually no accidents. When we’re out, I still rely on the pull-up. I’m almost sure we’d get by with no accidents if I took the plunge but for some reason I’m dreading leaving the house without the beloved pull-up. I must, however, take full responsibility for this delay. Robin only allows herself to pee in her pull-ups and she’s certainly not the one asking to wear them. From the very beginning, she only ever pooped in her potty and only had three accidents of the ‘second’ type during that first week.

So, in a nutshell, my two-step plan has turned out to be split into three parts. Step one has been ticked off the list. Now on to step two…

This is when she asked to use her potty in the middle of a motorway in Norway. She's a super trooper.
This is when she asked to use her potty in the middle of a motorway in Norway. She’s a super trooper.


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  1. it happens to us to have to stop in the road because she has to pee! But it’s so natural…
    Each child has his/her rythm and yours will soon be clean!

  2. mine was doing very well in gozo. he was wearing underpants all day at home. until we came back home…. and he wants nothing to do with the potty! :/ don’t know what else to do !

    • Oh dear…that’s not good! I know that some children make progress and then regress for different reasons. Have you kept the same potty? Maybe it’s just that he associates being semi-naked with the heat here? 🙂 I hope you find a solution but I would wait until he feels ready to give it another shot. I believe in following their cues. Good luck!

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