Welkin NYC

Growing up, I didn’t have an idol I strived to emulate. I never knew what to answer when I was asked whom I admired the most. At times I’d reply that my role models were my ballet teacher or Audrey Hepburn. What I admired about them weren’t qualities or achievements I hoped to ever own myself. They were simply people I admired from a distance (well, as distant as I could get from dear Miss Jeni’s stick).

If I were to be asked the same question today, I’d grab a pencil and a paper and write a long list of names in answer to that question. The internet has broadened my view of the world and has made me aware of the stories of many inspiring women. They are not film stars or celebrities. I have little respect and admiration for people who make money from being well-known. I do have a lot of respect, though, for women who forge their own paths and follow their dreams until they become their reality.

One such person is Belle. I stumbled upon her blog (Petite Biet) a couple of years ago and never stopped reading her words. The only thing we have in common is a two-year-old daughter. Biet was born three weeks before Robin and I like following her development as I notice the same changes in my own daughter. What makes it special is seeing the similarities in our two girls’ developing personalities as they grow in two completely different places: New York and the tiny island we call home.

Belle is not only one of the most articulate bloggers I follow, she’s also the survivor of one of the biggest tragedies a child could live through. She and her two sisters lost their mother when they were little. Belle moved to New York with little more than her dreams when she was barely out of her teens. She is now the mother of two beautiful children, married to her soulmate and has just started a line of sustainable children’s clothing called Welkin NYC.

You can support her new adventure by pledging on Kickstarter here: WELKIN NYC

If there’s anyone who deserves their dreams to come true, it’s someone who is showing the rest of us that it can be done. Follow your dreams…they do come true.




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  1. You are such a sweetheart! THANK YOU!! xx

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