Super Bendy

When I got married, Maia got herself a dad, moved to a new house and finally had a room of her own.

There was a lot to get used to and some of it took a long time to become her new normal. The building of her relationship with her dad was the one thing that didn’t take long. They hit it off immediately and her personality bloomed. He brought out the adventurous side of her, encouraging her to get dirty, to take risks and to believe in herself. I saw a complete transformation in her over the past five years. It could be that starting school and interacting more with other children did that to her and it might also have been a natural evolution of her character. Whatever the reason, she is not the same little girl I rocked to sleep up till the age of two. She is a thousand times more active than she was before we met her dad and her inability to sit still for longer than two minutes has come to characterise her.

Unfortunately, our educational system requires children her age to go through an insane amount of homework every evening. I don’t remember ever finding it particularly hard when I was a child. For someone like Maia, however, spending two hours at a desk after having spent another five at another desk at school, is tantamount to torture. So, in order to motivate her and also to provide her with an outlet for her boundless energy, my star of a husband came up with the idea of making short films with her. That way, she could use up all that pent-up energy, spend some quality time with him and he could play around with his new GoPro. They created a superhero named Super Bendy and had their first adventure last week.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Super Bendy:




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  1. BRILLLLLLLIIIIANT that was so much fun to watch, the music, the shoe coming off, running all over gozo, the stunning sun and colours, and the star super bendy i might need a t shirt too !!!!!!
    carnt wait for the next episode

  2. What a lovely video! It really captures her energy and intensity, ( and reminds me so much of my E :). E found an outlet for her constant handstands and cartwheels in gymnastics… at Maia’s age I used to joke that she spends more time upside down than upright!! ). And the shoes!! So, so cute. And that’s the way it should be really – children that age shouldn’t be sitting at a desk all day. Even though many people expect it… because it is more convenient perhaps?!

    Keep on saving the world Maia! And happy anniversary to you and your husband, Maureen xxx

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