One thing I envy my husband is his stamina. He goes after his dreams with purpose, never giving up and never running out of steam.

I am the total opposite. I dream. I wonder. I plot. I wait. I start walking towards my goal with a focus that quickly dissolves into doubt. And that’s how I stop and surrender to my lack of self-confidence. I wasn’t always like this. In fact, I was so different that I find it hard to believe how fearless I once was. An unexpected turn of events changed me, but that was years ago. Since then, I have grown stronger and wiser. I can no longer blame other people or events for my fear of failure.

I sometimes turn to Pinterest for words of encouragement. Sometimes I come across phrases that inspire me, if only for those few seconds. Most of the time, however, I’m left feeling overwhelmed. How do you keep yourself motivated? Do you set out with the best intentions only to run out of steam a few days in?

source unknown
source unknown

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