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I’ve often extolled the virtues of the internet on this blog, even if there are times I feel I need to step away from it. Over time, however, I’ve learned to stay away from places that leave me feeling depressed and inadequate (e.g. blogs which depict impossibly perfect lives) and spend my time online visiting other places which inspire me to be a better person.

Not surprisingly, most of these sites are blogs written by other mums. Some of them write hugely successful blogs, others are less known, but all of them have my respect and admiration. Here are some posts by a few of them which I think are worth reading:

The Adventures Archive: Adventure Number 24  and Why You Should Create a Panel of Real Life Female Heroes for your Daughter

The Pretty Walrus: When There’s a Dragon in your Room

Practising Simplicity: Talking to Children

Petite Biet: Why Children’s Books Matter

Say Yes: Feeling Like a Tiger

Design Mom: Pop-Up City Books

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You’re welcome!

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  1. I’m the same with plus size blogs. I only follow those I can relate to (i.e. From a certain size up).

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