Posting after such a long break is proving to be harder than I thought. I would like to get back to regular posting, especially because I realise what a lot of memories are going undocumented. For what it’s worth, this blog not only provided me with a creative outlet but it had also become the keeper of some of my fondest memories.

Sometimes I go back randomly through the archives and unearth some gems from Maia’s earlier years, like THIS, THIS and THIS. The 52 project was meant to be another way to record the girls’ growth and changes over this year. I’m now missing weeks 17 to 28, but am doing my best to pick up the camera again every week. It’s not as easy as it was in winter, that’s for sure! I can’t very well lug a DSLR around at the beach while chasing a three-year-old and monitoring a nine-year-old, can I?

Anyway, here’s week 29:


_MG_6335_MG_6356Maia – She has taken rainbow looming very seriously, expanding her repertoire to keychains, lanyards and rings (I am pretty impressed with her skills). I am going to miss the daily hour of looming once she is over this craze. This must be the first time in her life she managed to sit down quietly for longer than half an hour.

Robin – She is suddenly very interested in building towers with blocks, a phase she had skipped. I love her more each day.

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