This pregnancy so far

While I can blame severe nausea for my silence during the first four months of this pregnancy, I am starting to feel guilty about not documenting it in any way. If I have to be completely honest, there are a couple of photos on Instagram which are also the only photos I have taken of my growing belly, but that’s it.

I know all too well how easily these months will be forgotten (including the nausea and discomfort), so I will try and write down what I remember of it, lest I be responsible for years of therapy that this child might have to endure.

♥ April, May, June and July were horrific. I remember very little of those four months, except the feeling of my butt going numb after hours of lying as still as possible in bed.

♥ With Maia I craved pickles, then Nutella, then lemons. With Robin it was milk, lemon and ice all the way. This time it started with Magnum ice cream and now it’s protein, especially eggs and meat. I also crave juicy fruits, which then give me the worst cases of heartburn known to man.

♥ As with Robin, I am pretty big. Unlike its sisters, this baby isn’t larger than average, measuring exactly as much as it should, but my belly is still huge. I don’t just feel huge, I know I am. Whenever someone asks the dreaded “when is your due date?” question, I preempt their inevitable shock by saying there is still a long way to go. Then, if they insist, I drop the bomb: “Another three months”. At which point, they either tell me I look great (hmm) or they give me a slight look of horror (and pity).

♥ I haven’t bought any maternity clothes yet (I’ve been living in the same four A-line dresses for six months), not out of choice but because I cannot find ONE shop on this island that still sells maternity clothes. You would think there are no pregnant women living here.

♥ We don’t know the baby’s sex yet, mostly because of the baby being in breech position the whole time. Both the doctors I am seeing have hinted they might know what it is but I will not be sharing it yet, especially because I don’t want to be disappointed if they turn out to be wrong.

♥ My hip, the history of which has been amply documented on this blog, was pain-free for the first five months. That all changed these past few weeks. It now randomly clicks in and out of place, making me catch my breath while trying to click it back in place. This is particularly inconvenient if I’m in a public place. I get all sorts of anxious looks from passersby, who no doubt think I’m in the early stages of labour.

I am sure there are other things I will want to remember, but that is all my brain can manage right now. And, finally, here are the few photos I’ve remembered to take of this pregnancy so far.

baby number 3 at 15 weeks
15 weeks
baby number 3 at 18 weeks
18 weeks
baby number 3 at 20 weeks
20 weeks
baby number 3 at 27 weeks
27 weeks
baby number 3 at 27 weeks +
27.5 weeks

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