Happy happy!

For me, one of the hardest parts of parenting is letting go of my children when the time comes to send them off to school. It is also one of the milestones I look forward to because of the few hours in the morning I get to ‘enjoy’ without a child or two calling my name every two minutes. Still, sending them out into the world without my constant supervision is always nerve-racking and I go through the same emotions every September when the holidays are over.

That is why I feel so lucky to have both older girls go to a school which lives up to its (as yet unofficial) name: The Happy School. Not only are they very happy to go to school everyday, but my husband and I are almost jealous of them. Their teachers treat them the way we hope every person they meet in life will treat them and at the helm of the school is a very special person. This person is the reason I am writing this post today.

His dedication to his school and every student in it goes beyond his call of duty. He knows every student by name and keeps tabs on all of them (we’re talking about over 300 students). Every week, he comes up with another surprise for his students and their teachers (a morning flight over Sicily, various local celebrities visiting the school, going to school in pyjamas, to mention a few). Nothing seems to daunt him and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Today is his birthday and I wanted to wish him health, happiness (never enough happiness!) and many more years of heading the Happy School. I will be forever grateful for the care and guidance he and his staff give my children.

Happy birthday to the Happy Headmaster!
Happy birthday to the Happy Headmaster!

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