Mondays with TED

Are you familiar with TED talks? They are one of my (many) weaknesses. I will unapologetically drop everything and sit down with a cup of coffee and a TED talk any day, even if I have mountains of ironing to get through and piles of dishes to be washed.

Well, dropping everything is the ideal scenario and it happens maybe once a week. I usually have one running on my mobile or on the computer while I’m cleaning or working, especially early in the morning while there isn’t anyone to interrupt me and I cannot get enough of them. They inspire me, entertain me and, most importantly, they take me to a place where I am an individual again. While I am listening to some of today’s greatest minds deliver their speech, be it a five-minute one or one lasting twenty minutes, I am no longer the glorified maid and nanny I sometimes feel like I have become, but an intelligent human being who still has plenty of potential.

Whether you are into technology, spirituality, literature, education or just curious about everything, there is something for everyone. I know I sound like an advert but I really love them that much.

The Fringe Benefits of Failure by the incomparable JK Rowling is one of my favourites and is long enough to enjoy during your commute or lunch break or your baby’s nap. It delivers the perfect amount of inspiration, humour and encouragement we could all use on a Monday morning.

Happy listening!

The quote is actually by Seneca, but she delivers it beautifully.
The quote is actually by Seneca, but she delivers it beautifully.

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