Bedtime drama

I wrote this when Robin was the same age Ivy is now and I have a feeling we will soon have to do the same with our littlest.

Island Fairy

A week ago, things started changing in our house. You might have guessed I was recently spending many a sleepless night and that my nerves were frazzled. I was running on empty and felt stretched in all directions. I wasn’t coping.

Robin has always been a good sleeper at night. Sure, she woke up to breastfeed a couple of times a night, however, she never ever cried. She would wake up, I would feed her and we would both go back to sleep. More often than not, she’d remain in our bed for the rest of the night after her first feed.

Maia still wakes up at night sometimes, mostly to inform me that she’d be going to the bathroom and then again to let me know she loves me before going back to bed. I was ok with all this.

Then things changed.

Robin was very ill and spent…

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