Dear Robin

Dear Robin,

I don’t remember when I last wrote you a letter but I know it has been too long. I couldn’t possibly fit all I want to tell you in one letter but I will try.

You have changed so much during the past few months that, at times, I feel like you are a different person. And you are. You are growing into the person you were always meant to be and I love her! There are times when I feel bad about your middle child status. Did you know there is such a thing as Middle Child Syndrome? I do, and I make a daily effort to dispel what I hope is a myth. That is why I whisper I love yous in your ear for no apparent reason. That is why I still carry you in the sling whenever you whine “Carry me!”. That is also why I allow you to leave the house wearing the outfits you proudly put together, even if you look like a clown.

I want you to know how special you are. You are not the first-born. I could never give you all the energy and time I gave your older sister. You are also not the youngest. She gets all the extra cuddles and misty-eyed kisses because we know she’s the last baby in our family. You, however, are special for other reasons. You are sweet, funny and observant. You can read a person without even talking to them and you are rarely wrong. You are a typical four-year-old in many ways. You love pink, glitter, princesses and anything Disney but you also love lettuce, insist on wearing glasses even though you don’t need to and are obsessed with how marriage works. Your daily questions about raising children and finding the right husband give us a glimpse into the adult you will grow up to be and I honestly cannot wait to meet the woman you will become.

For now, however, I am absolutely LOVING the age you are at. I feel very lucky to be your mum and to be experiencing the world through your big eyes. Don’t ever change Robin girl, not for me, not for your friends and definitely not for the man lucky enough to end up being your chosen one. And don’t worry, you will know if and when you are ready to get married when the time comes. In the meantime, keep being your unique self.


robin babywearing oct15 Robin Oct15 Robin Sicily Nov15 2 Robin Sicily Nov15 robin smoothie oct15


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