Mondays with TED

The other day, my ten-year-old came from school asking about ‘the birds and the bees’, if you know what I mean.

We had had The Talk when she was three (she has always been a very inquisitive child), then again when she was five, when she was eight and even last year. Each time, I wouldn’t go into too much detail, but would give her enough information for her to know that babies don’t just start forming out of the blue or fall from the sky.

Well, it turns out that every single Talk we had about the subject had sort of got lost in the recesses of her memory, so I had to remind her how babies are made. I have to admit that her reaction was very amusing. There’s something so sweet about the innocence of children. I know it won’t last much longer as she grows into a teenager and is exposed to more influence from the outside world, but I was happy to see that she is still oblivious to much of the ‘worldly’ stuff I worry about.

Today’s TED talk I wanted to share with you is short but very funny. It is by comedian Julia Sweeney as she recounts the time she had The Talk with her eight-year-old.

Enjoy it!


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