Robin’s babies (an Ergobaby doll carrier review)

I have mentioned before how much Robin loves her baby dolls. She’s got a few and they all get a turn to play with their mummy. The rest of the time, they’re either tucked in her bed or wrapped in a blanket, waiting to be taken out with the rest of the family.

Having been worn for most of her first two years of life, she knows and loves the feeling of being carried close to me or her dad and she makes sure her babies know it too. I used to wrap a scarf of mine around her so she could wear her dolls but, since she got her very own Ergobaby doll carrier, my scarves don’t cut it anymore.

Maltamum kindly gave her the Sea Skipper, with an anchor pattern, to try. She loves anchors (don’t ask me why but I suspect being the daughter of a sailor might be part of the reason) and this carrier looks like it was designed for her!

Before, we used to have to carry around one of her doll prams whenever we went out and she wanted to get her dolls with her. Now I just stuff a doll and the Ergo doll carrier in her little backpack and we’re sorted! It’s small and light and is as easy to wear as the grownup version. The best part is that she can still run and jump around with the doll strapped to her.

For someone who is very keen on growing up and becoming a mum, having a baby carrier her own size is the ultimate in playing pretend!




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