Mondays with TED

After an unplanned hiatus, I thought I’d share some more TED talks with you. Today’s talk is a short one but it is so well delivered that I watched it four or five times and laughed every single time.

Performance artist Rives has a theory which he jokingly calls The Giacometti Code. It has to do with a specific time of the day: four in the morning, and it will have you chuckling into your coffee.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I would love to know if that most ungodly of hours has meant anything to you over the years. To me, it almost always means a baby crying for her milk or my husband’s alarm clock going off.



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  1. It’s my time to get up! Everyday, no matter what time I sleep, my eyes open at 4 in the morning…..

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