Almost a toddler (a Juppy Babywalker review)

At almost 15 months, Ivy is becoming increasingly mobile. She climbs on chairs, sofas, stools, beds and has mercifully learned to get off them too. I am sure that under all the red dye, my hair will be completely white by the time she’s five. She still is quite a chunk of a baby and hasn’t taken her first steps yet but can get around on a tricycle and she cruises along the furniture wherever she can hold herself up. I might not be ready for it, but I have a feeling that she will soon be toddling around.
Some days, she spends a few hours at my parents’ house and her absolute favourite thing to do while there is to be walked around by my dad. A couple of weeks ago, he begged me to find some contraption that would help him support her without breaking his back. I have never liked the idea of a wheeled walker so when I was offered a Juppy to try, I jumped at the opportunity. I had read raving reviews about it, especially by paediatricians, and knew it was considered to be the safest walking aide for babies.

At first, I was afraid Ivy wouldn’t fit in the Juppy since she had just reached the weight limit for it but, luckily, we managed to zip it up and fasten the two Velcro straps at the back. If I have to be honest, I didn’t realise just how small the Juppy looks on her until I saw photos of other children on Juppy’s website! Still, even though it’s a snug fit on our chubby baby, it feels safe and she looks adorable in it too.

I didn’t know what to expect, since we had never tried any kind of harness with her, but Ivy took to it from the first time she wore it. The first couple of minutes, as expected, were  a little wobbly. The instructions that come with the walker had already warned us to give the baby a little time to adjust to it, but once the initial bit was over, Ivy got very excited, squealing with delight and even directing us around the place. I could tell she was so proud of herself! As the days went by and she gained more confidence, we started loosening the grip on the straps and I was very surprised to notice that she is now practically walking on her own whenever she’s wearing the Juppy (she hasn’t yet realised that we’re barely supporting her as she waddles around).

The happiest of us all, however, is my dad. He is still Ivy’s favourite person to walk around with and now that he doesn’t have to lean forward anymore to walk her, he actually enjoys it too! As for me, any product that gives my baby such joy gets a thumbs up. It’s just the thought of her walking very soon that has me reaching for the tissues.

Verdict: Juppy is the safest and most comfortable baby walker I’ve come across so far. I would recommend it to anyone with a baby who is showing an interest in walking. I also love the satin pouch it comes in.

If you are interested in purchasing the Juppy, it is available in Malta from Maltamum.



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