For my girls

I recently admitted on Instagram that the photo-posting app has practically killed my blog. I still blog in my head and then try to distill those thoughts into a short caption for Instagram, lest those moment are lost forever.

I might write the odd product review every now and then because I love helping the next mum as much as I appreciate any advice more experienced parents pass on to me. I also love having a place where I can share talks, people or places that inspire me. Still, my long-term plan for this blog is for it to provide a glimpse into these years for my daughters to go back to when they themselves are adults and, maybe, parents.

And this is what I want them to know about these past few months:

Ivy, you started walking  almost four months ago, at 15 months (just like both your sisters). You spent most of these past two months cutting about eight teeth and can now say the odd word (no…pronounced with a French accent, Maama (Maia), Baa (Robin), Ba (Papa), Mama, Shss (shoes), sks (socks) and nanna are the ones that come to mind. You love watching In the Night Garden, asking for it by drawing circles with your index finger on the palm of your hand. You’ve been spending a few hours a week at playschool and, although you almost always cry when I wave goodbye, you love playing with the other children and you seem to adore your carers there, too. You are very fond of cuddles with Robin, but you also insist on pulling her hair while smiling cheekily. Last but not least, you still refuse any kind of milk except mine.


Robin, you recently turned five and are as sweet as ever. You have your moments too, like when you start screaming “OKAAAAY!” if I repeat the same request more than twice, but you are by far the easiest going of all of us. You just finished your second year of Kindergarten and will be starting primary school in two short months. You say you want to become a teacher like your grandparents and already practise teaching with your baby sister and your dolls. Your boyfriend is the cutest bespectacled five-year-old there is and your biggest hope is that you will one day get married (while keeping a boyfriend on the side).


Maia, you’re growing into a beautiful young woman. I winced while writing ‘woman’ because I don’t think I’ll ever see you as one, but you know what I mean. At 11 years of age, you’re almost as tall as me (I predict you’ll be slightly taller by the end of this year), have the strongest legs I’ve ever seen on a child (thanks to the hours of dancing with your fantastic teachers) and are as stubborn as a mule. You still question everything, just as you always have. You need to know the reason behind everything and monosyllabic replies just don’t cut it. You’re a brilliant student, even though you tend to talk too much, and will start middle school at the end of summer. The transition from The Happy School to a new school without your beloved headmaster will be one of the toughest you (and I) will have to face, but I know you will thrive if you keep an open mind. Finally, you are obsessed with Casey Neistat, a YouTuber you admire hugely. He’s a family man in New York City, old enough to be your father. You’ve got NOTHING in common with him, but you just adore him. Which is just as well, because if there ever was a person I’d like you to take inspiration from it would be him. You are currently planning your first short film with your dad, a project which has been a long time coming, and I couldn’t be prouder of you.msmtrevor.jpg



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