Mummy talk: Alexia’s morning routine

It’s Thursday again and here’s another chat with a mum I admire and hope to learn a trick or two from. The more people I talk to, the more I realise how different everyone’s style is and how there can never be a one-size-fits-all morning routine. There are, however, tips I am stealing from each person I interview and I am implementing them as I go along.

This week’s mum is Alexia, the founder of online shop Kekstor. Not only has she managed to set up a shop selling some of the best quality and most stylish toys around, but she also has three children who spend most of their days outdoors, playing and living a dream childhood. Here is what she had to say about her mornings.

Name: Alexia

Age: 37

Job: founder of

Mum to Harry (7), George (5) and Emilia (3)

1. Do you consider yourself a morning person?

No…I’m most definitely not a morning person. I love my sleep! The fact is, I think my brain actually works best in snooze-time as I manage to figure out the most complicated juggles of three kids’ lives in that 8 minute snooze…only to get another snooze or two!

2. At what time does your alarm go off in the morning?

On school days it goes off at 6.45am. In summer, an hour later on the days they have summer school. Other than that, it never does. My boys wake up and start their day but my youngest looks to be exactly like me. That is, if you don’t wake her she’ll never wake up before midday! Getting her out of the house for school is a nightmare. She has to choose her own clothes and she can’t focus (she hasn’t discovered coffee and its magic yet!). It’s a very tricky time as my coffee hasn’t begun to work by this point either.

3. What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

Coffee…a strong coffee…and while that’s brewing, I cut a lemon in half and squeeze it in two glasses for my husband & me. Thankfully, my husband is the completely opposite and wakes up energised. He prepares all three school lunches each day while I grouch and sleep walk my way to the kettle.

4. What do you have for breakfast?

Coffee & squeezed lemon with water.

5. Is there anything you do in the evening to save time the following morning?

Yes, I prepare all clothes/uniforms for the next day (except for my daughter’s). This honestly started off as a way to grab an extra snooze so if I don’t manage to get up, my husband will find them ready and will swear less as we are always running late (probably because of the extra snooze taken earlier that morning).

6. Can you describe your morning routine?

Every day is different but, as soon as the coffee hits, it’s GO! I drive the kids to school, do any errand or delivery I may have, try and squeeze in an Instagram/Facebook post for Kekstor (I try and do this before 9am). After errands it’s home to clear and organise and sort and prepare for the day to come, be it beach, a play date or whatever else we have planned. I sit at computer for about an hour to work and then I prepare lunch for the kids. I do other errands before my next school run and then bring the kids back home from summer school by 1pm.

7. Do you have any tips you feel are worth passing on?

Freshly squeezed lemon, by hand – no time for squeezers and you’ll also have less dishes to wash after, so it’s a win/win! I feel so much better with it! For any coffee dependent out there, I would say the only thing that saves me in the morning is preparing the uniforms and clothes the night before.

Thank you so much for sharing your morning routine, Alexia! I know how hectic juggling the needs of three children can be but you manage to do it while running a thriving business too! The tip I’ll be stealing from you is definitely drinking lemon and water in the morning (I always feel energised when I remember to do it) AND GETTING MY HUSBAND TO PREPARE THE CHILDREN’S LUNCHES! 

alexia bannister


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