Mummy talk: Josepha’s morning routine

Name: Josepha (Cup of Crazy)

Age: 36

Job: Notary

Mum to Cesca (5) and Bettina (1)

1. Do you consider yourself a morning person?

No. I need some alone time first thing in the morning, some quiet time with a mug of coffee and nothing else.

2. At what time does your alarm go off in the morning?

During weekdays my alarm is set for 5.20am. I turn off all alarms during the weekends and wake up depending on when the children wake up. I’m sometimes lucky to get a sleep-in till 8am. It mostly depends on Bettina who’s an early riser. Cesca would sleep till 10am everyday if she could.

3. What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

I stumble to the bathroom, wash my face, dress and head to the kitchen for a strong coffee.

4. What do you have for breakfast?

Coffee and water. I can’t muster anything else at that time of the day.

5. Is there anything you do in the evening to save time the following morning?

Yes. I usually prepare my training clothes and the children’s clothes for the following day. I also prepare Bettina’s milk in her bottle for the next morning and load the washing machine so I just press ‘start’ in the morning.

6. Can you describe your morning routine?

I wake up at 5.20am, and I start the day with coffee, water and head out for 45 minutes of training. I return home, wake up both girls and prepare them for summer school and staying at their grandmother’s. I shower, change and leave for work. When I’m running early (not that often) I unload the washing load and hang it outside to find ready by the time I return home from work, or I make the beds.

7. Do you have any tips you feel are worth passing on?

Don’t ever feel that you can not do something. If you really want it, you will find the time, the means and ways to carry it out. Personally speaking, I wake up as early as I do since it’s the only time I find for myself, where I am allowed to not think of anyone or anything, where I train, I sweat and oddly enough, relax. I stopped finding excuses and just did it. Nowadays I can’t imagine not doing it.

You can never be too prepared. Every single little thing you prepare beforehand will save you loads of time in the long run. Even small tasks such as making the bed whilst the youngest child is having her milk, or preparing lunches while the eldest is in the bathroom, help so much. Yes, it means running around the house repeating out loud what needs to be done (I’m quite forgetful at times), and not stopping for a minute, but when I finish work I find that I save up on time on those morning tasks and can instead do something else. Any minute I save in the afternoons means so much to me, because after a full-time job I return home to start my second full-time work, and both have to be done properly and thoroughly.

Be selfish. Do what you want or what you need sometimes. Mothers tend to place everyone else’s needs before their own, and leave little or no time at all for themselves. Before I leave for work, I save five minutes for myself, to beautify myself – I brush my teeth, put on some make-up and perfume. I then leave home feeling confident and better about myself.

Don’t wake up the children all at once. I find that if I wake one five minutes after the other, I manage to dress and give breakfast to one and then start handling the other one.

Stop blaming yourself. I no longer care how and when things are done, as long as they’re eventually done – that’s all that matters.  So if I make the beds at 5pm, or do my shopping ten minutes before the shops close, or wash the girls at 9pm, then it’s okay. We all have off-days, when everything seems to be going the wrong way. No amount of planning works on those days, so I now go with the flow and complete each task when and how I can.

Thank you for sharing your tips, Josepha! You inspire me with your determination to better yourself. I might have to appoint you my personal motivator!


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