Mummy talk: Lorinda’s morning routine

Name: Lorinda

Age: 40

Job: Graphic Designer/Lifestyle & Parenting Blogger/Interior Stylist [A Bird with a French Fry]

Mum to Henry (3.5)

1. Do you consider yourself a morning person?

I love being up early in the morning. I get some quiet alone time and I mentally prepare for the day.

2. At what time does your alarm go off in the morning?

I don’t have an alarm because it depends how late I was up the night before and how often Henry got up through the night. My internal clock usually has me up at about 6am or 7am or as soon as Henry gets up – whichever comes first.

3. What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

Coffee! I cannot function without that first coffee. If I manage to have that first coffee before Henry gets up I consider myself lucky and I enjoy another coffee.

4. What do you have for breakfast?

I hate to admit it but I barely ever have breakfast. I might eat the crusts from Henry’s toast or the extra slice of bacon I make for Henry, unless it’s Sunday. Then we love having a big English breakfast together.

5. Is there anything you do in the evening to save time the following morning?

Every night I wash syringes and medicine stuff and I prepare all of Henry’s medicines for the next day. If I didn’t, I would easily lose track of what I gave him and what I needed to give him throughout the day.

6. Can you describe your morning routine?

As much as possible I try to get up before Henry. I have a coffee while I quickly go through the tasks I need to get done that day. If Henry is still asleep, I can start my tasks. Once Henry gets up he likes to have mummy time and usually wants to cuddle with me until he ‘wakes’ up and I don’t mind that. If he gets up early, I give him some time to play quietly while I prepare his morning medicines and breakfast.

He hates one of his morning meds and since he has to take quite a bit it takes a lot of patience and play to get him to take it – every day, twice a day. While Henry has his breakfast, I can usually get a bit more work done until it’s time for medicines, milk and naptime. Mornings are very sporadic because it depends on Henry’s mood, how slowly or quickly he has his meds and breakfast, what work I need to get done and if I have any errands to run. 

7. Do you have any tips you feel are worth passing on?

I see a major difference in my day when I manage to be up before Henry gets up. Even just planning the day and identifying 2-3 tasks I want to get done helps me keep my day organised. If I get up late or Henry gets up soon after I do, my day is all over the place and I spend the whole day trying to focus.

I feel exactly the same way about having some time alone before the girls are up. It sets the tone for the whole day!

Thank you so much, Lorinda! You are one of my personal superheroes for many reasons but managing to combine caring for Henry’s medical needs and being self-employed is one of the main reasons you inspire me on a daily basis.


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