This weekend

I don’t envy many people in life but those who are able to say “thank God it’s the weekend!” top my very short list. The truth is that weekends just mean a whole lot more work for me. Most weekends do, anyway. If it weren’t for the fact that the girls are home from school, I wouldn’t even notice the difference between a Tuesday and a Saturday. My husband works holidays and weekends (especially weekends, actually) since the bulk of his photography work happens then and his other j0b requires him to work shifts. So the only weekends I look forward to are the ones when he’s home with us, at least for one of the two days.

This weekend, however, redeemed itself on Sunday morning. I finally managed to go to choir practice after a very long absence and the girls came too. It took me over an hour to get everyone dressed, everyone’s hair brushed, to dodge what felt like 400 meltdowns, last minute nappy changes and trips to the toilet and be there on time (-ish), but we made it. Not only that, but everyone was well-behaved for the whole two hours of choir and Mass (thanks to the emergency stash of crackers and biscuits I keep in my Mary Poppins bag), which is a small victory in itself.

I have no photos to show for this weekend, apart from the sunrise I’m attaching here. The fact that my camera roll is devoid of photos is either a sign of a busy weekend or that I was having too much fun. In this case, it’s a happy mix of both.

PS – Am I the only one who loves Daylight Savings? I only hear complaints about the dark afternoons but I secretly look forward to them!



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