Vote for Pedro

Today is Election Day in America. I never took much notice of politics, other than here on the islands, simply because my brain just glazes over whenever I try to follow the long-winding speeches. I also don’t know other countries’ history or constitutions well enough to know what they’d be talking about or what the repercussions could be.

This election has been, without a doubt, the most stressful for Americans and anyone else around the world who has access to the internet. People in Zejtun* have as passionate an opinion of who should (or shouldn’t) win this election as those in Boston do. Most people I know feel that neither Trump nor Clinton are fit for the job. There are many reasons why neither of them should be given one of the most powerful jobs in the world, but here we are, waiting with bated breath for news of who the next world leader will be.

I cannot shake off the feeling that we are on the verge of living through a very significant historical period. Let’s hope that the history books will remember it as a positive one.

*that’s in Malta, for anyone who isn’t a local



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