Must-have items for your toddler

Children change so quickly that it’s hard to keep up at times. They outgrow clothes in a matter of weeks (sometimes even days) and their favourite toys change as often as the weather does. Some things, however, last much longer and become our little arsenal that helps us cope with the minefield that raising a toddler can be.

These are the items that made this past year easier for me (I have linked all items to the website where you can buy them from):

Chicco cutlery: My first two daughters liked using plastic cutlery until they were well over two. Ivy, however, is fiercely independent and has insisted on using stainless steel cutlery like us since she could use cutlery unaided (at around 1 year 3 months). These Chicco ones are great because they are easier for her to handle but still make her feel like a big girl.
Ikea muslin squares (burp cloths): I mentioned these in my post about must-haves for baby’s first year and I still use them daily. They are still in perfect condition and are very absorbent. I now use them to dry Ivy’s hair (and Robin’s too) and sometimes I even use them instead of a bath towel for Ivy.
Quechua small backpack: We love Quechua products and buy their outdoors stuff from Decathlon whenever we travel. All the girls have their own little Quechua backpack but I find it most useful for toddlers. It is the perfect size, very durable, machine-washable and is practically weightless. Ivy uses hers to carry her toys and water cup when we go out and I sometimes keep an extra nappy or two in there as well.
Ikea stool: We’ve had this since Maia was small and it is still in perfect condition. It is used by the younger two to reach the kitchen counter when they’re ‘helping’ with the cooking, whenever they need to reach books on a higher shelf and mostly to reach the sink when brushing their teeth or washing their hands.
Micro scooter: Again, this is an item that all three girls own. In the case of Ivy, she has inherited her sister’s and has been using it since she was 1.5 years old. You can buy one that has a seat for toddlers but in our case we just bought a strap to pull Ivy along until she gets the hang of it. The size she is using (the one pictured) was used by Robin until the age of 5 but would be good for older children who are not as tall.
Ergobaby carrier: I won’t go into much detail about these carriers (if you want to know what I think about them, you can read my post HERE). However, it is safe to say that this is my favourite item of all. Ivy is two now and walks most of the time, but I still carry an Ergobaby in the car and have one at home. I much prefer it to the stroller, even now that Ivy is bigger and heavier. It is also the first item we pack when travelling.
Ikea sleeping bag: I mentioned this in my must-haves for babies too. We still use it, even though Ivy’s well off the charts for height and this is meant to be for babies up to 18 months. She still fits very comfortably in it and it is an absolute necessity in our cold houses at night.
Munchkin Snack Catcher: We recently lost this cup but I want to get another one. Only now that I don’t have one available do I realise how useful it was! This cup allows your child to get the cereal/fruit/whatever snack from the cup without having to open it and without spilling the contents. I used to fill it with small crackers or Cheerios and keep it in my bag for emergencies and it always worked a treat.
Esska Spill-Proof Cups: This has become the only cup we use with Ivy. We got our first one a year ago and have since added another two. Esska is a Swedish brand (we buy ours in Sweden when we go there) and it shows in how functional and simple its design is. There are only three parts: the cup, the lid and a silicone valve that is easy to remove and clean with each wash. No chance of mould forming and not one drop spills out. It is also very easy for the baby to handle and doesn’t take any extra space in her backpack or my bag.


Juppy Baby Walker: I’ve already written a review of the Juppy HERE and I stand by what I wrote then. It really helped Ivy to start walking without breaking our back. It is also completely safe and easy to carry around in your bag.
Chicco Nasal Aspirator: Finally, a lifesaver I haven’t been without for many years. I first got this nose aspirator when Robin was a baby five years ago and still use it regularly. What is great about this particular aspirator is that it is soft so it doesn’t hurt the baby’s nose AND (most importantly) it opens up so you can properly clean it. It is pretty disgusting but I never liked the blue ones that don’t open up. I can’t imagine the dirt and bacteria accumulating inside those!

I hope you found this list helpful. However, each child is different and each family’s needs and circumstances are particular to that family, so it makes sense that my list would differ from other parents’. Are there any items I didn’t mention which you found useful with your toddler? Did you use and dislike any of the ones I listed above? Let’s help other mums of toddlers out!

Note: This post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. I have used and loved all the products listed.

What are your thoughts? Share them here!

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