Working from home

I used to look at photos of parents who work from home and wonder how they managed. I never seemed to get anything done while Ivy was awake. So, last summer, we started sending her to playschool for a few hours some mornings. Unfortunately, she kept getting sick, which is completely normal. The problem was that her breathing never had enough time to come back to normal. She would go to school, get sick after a few days, spend a week at home, go back and get sick again. I was getting tired of giving her medicines all the time and taking her to hospital for the nebuliser.

So my parents convinced me to stop sending her to playschool for the winter months and send her to their house instead. And that’s what we did. She now spends some days at them instead and everyone is happier for it. The other days, however, she’s at home with me. Up until recently, those mornings would be very frustrating for me. I’d spend those few hours trying to tidy up and do some housework, only to be interrupted by a whiny toddler every couple of minutes. I would hardly get anything done around the house, let alone switch on the computer to do some work.

All this seems to be changing (I really don’t want to jinx it!). Ivy has started playing on her own for longer stretches and even when she asks me to play with her, she usually lets me carry on with my work while playing next to me. The other day, she spent almost an hour cooking for me and serving me various exotic-looking dishes. I decided to pick up the camera so I would remember what it looked like. I know I am going to look at these pictures with tears in my eyes when she starts school in a few months.



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