New morning habits

These past few months have come with many tiny changes which I now realise are adding up to something much bigger.

It all started around Ivy’s second birthday two months ago. She finally started sleeping through the night (mostly), which meant that I also started sleeping for longer stretches. That, in turn, meant that I started feeling a little more human during the day. I now wake up at 5:15am feeling refreshed. I have always woken before the rest of the family, just so I can have some quiet time by myself. Lately, however, I started introducing some new habits which are helping me start my days on a much better footing.

You might remember my avid interest in other mums’ morning routines a few months ago (you can read some of the series HERE and HERE). Well, after much research and reading, I decided to tweak the first hour of my day in the hopes that it would help me feel more in control of the rest of the day. I am far from being in control of anything, least of all my temper, but I can already see some progress. My mind is clearer and I feel less scattered.

It is still a work in progress, but right now my mornings look something like this:

5:15am – wake up and drink a glass of water

5:20am to 5:30am – meditate

5:30am to 6am – have breakfast while watching YouTube videos (YouTube is slowly becoming one of my favourite social platforms, almost trumping Instagram). I want to change the YouTube watching to reading a book, but I’m not quite there yet.

6am to 6:30am – check social media and plan the day. Again, my goal is to reduce social media to ten minutes at this time of day and instead write for the remaining 20 minutes.

6:30am – prepare school lunches and the children’s breakfast before the madness starts a little before 7am.

I am also trying to re-introduce yoga, so the above timings will need to change again (I’ll likely start waking up at 5am to fit it all in). For now I’m doing a quick 7 minute sequence, but I want to build up to my old 20-30 minute practice. My body is a complete wreck right now and I am acutely aware of how much work I need to put in if I want to regain some degree of flexibility, strength and health. 

But Rome wasn’t built in a day and this tired body of mine certainly won’t regain its strength in one either.

Question: Do you make time for yourself in the morning? Or do you wake up and immediately jump into your day’s work, taking time out later in the day? I’m always curious to know how others fit in time for themselves.


What are your thoughts? Share them here!

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