Train wreck

In my last post, I mentioned how unfit I feel. If I’m being honest, unfit doesn’t even begin to cover it. I have never felt so many aches and pains, been so bloated, carried so much extra weight (not even after my pregnancies) and felt generally unhealthy.

I don’t know how I got to this point but I suspect that having three children who still need me all the time and being 40 have something to do with it. Then again, I know that coming up with reasons for feeling like a train wreck is just coming up with excuses. The real reason my body feels years older than it is is that I have been eating foods I know I shouldn’t (refined carbohydrates are my nemesis) and I haven’t done any form of exercise in over a year now (unless you consider vacuuming and hanging laundry as exercise).

I know that it’s time for an intervention, but I just don’t know where to start. I am partly terrified of the pain in my hip but I am also so stiff and unfit that I cannot seem to find baby steps that are small enough to get started again.

Tell me, how do you keep fit? Do you attend classes of some sort? Do you walk or run or are you following a programme on your own at home?



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  1. Hi, it could be a good idea to try and exercise in a heated pool. Exercising in water decreases the weight off your legs thus the strain off your hip joint. Also exercise is intensive with the added benefit of being in warm water. But check with the consultant/doctor whose involved in your care to be sure. Oh and I’m a physiotherapist 🙂

    • Thank you Josette! Unfortunately swimming leaves me in agony most days. I haven’t swum since last summer but I doubt things would be different now. I know it’s usually recommended for the reasons you mentioned but it somehow makes the pain worse for me.

  2. I have had an issue with my weight for as long as I can remember but it has got worse during the last 2 years. Following 2 miscarriages my weight sky rocketed especially since during the last pregnancy I was nauseous all the time and only a packet a crisps helped. With the subsequent miscarriage it took me a while to properly heal and I stopped going to the gym.

    From experience I have found classes to help. Circuit training together with yoga/pilates to work on your core. I am not much of a gym bunny so it took me a while to properly get started. And now that I have started a routine and was getting used to a 20-minute run everyday, I went and got bronchitis. Pre wedding, I used to follow They have some great videos on youtube so you can do them from the comfort of your home with no equipment at all. Swimming is actually my go to exercise but I have found swimming pools in the UK a very disgusting experience.

    Have you considered acupuncture? I have just started it not so long ago for some other issue but have found that it helps curb my appetite. Maybe it’s something you can look into? And follow thebodycoach on instagram. He’s great, and shares some good recipes 🙂

    • I had tried acupuncture for my hip but didn’t feel any difference. Admittedly, I only went briefly. Thanks for all the info! I’m going to look into all of it! And I suspect that a class would be the best option for me. Maybe knowing I have to ‘show up’ will keep me accountable. (Also, thank you for being so honest and open about your difficult experiences with pregnancy. You’re a star and will be an amazing mum…although I feel you already are one.)

  3. Following! I desperately need to get myself motivated enough to exercise through fatigue that 3 children plus a full time job give me. I don’t have time for classes. Ideally I wish to start following some type of online programme, but I need something that motivates me. After a long day, I often prefer to nibble than to exercise! my kids wake up very early, so early morning is not an option I find. Maybe we could try to motivate each other? Create a kind of group where we let each other know how tired and unfit we feel, but still encourage each other to work out?

  4. Before you do anything have your hip checked out. If you don’t any exercise you try may do more harm than good! Hip pain can so easily lead to back and knee problems too.

  5. Completely understand and have had my share of issues to actually find something that fits in my busy routine…3 kids & ft job. I attend boxercise classes regularly…the commitment given ‘makes’ you go. The effort made to go doesn’t start when compared to the benefits…. increased energy, more focussed, less weight. Finding what worked for you Maureen is important. I had never done any form of exercise before reaching 40. These classes tick so many boxes for me. I just hope after the mri you’ll have the go ahead for at least a brisk daily walk!

    • You’ve always been an inspiration for me, Claudia! I noticed how much happier (and younger even!) you became when you started becoming more active! The only exercise I ever was completely dedicated to was dance and fencing and neither are possible now for different reasons. But I think a class would motivate me equally. Thanks for taking the time to comment!x

  6. I understand you completely. What I did was going to badminton classes. My son wanted to go to badminton class, 1hr once a week. To take him to the gym and go back home it’ll be 15 mins and another 15 mins to go back for him..that leaves me with only 30 mins at home. So I decided to go with him. And it’s time with him only without the little one so it plus plus

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