My favourite breakfasts

My favourite meal is, and always has been, breakfast. I wake up hungry and only recently have I started delaying the first bite by an hour or so. Before that, I would drag my feet directly to the kitchen and start eating almost immediately.

Having some water and leaving a gap between waking up and eating has allowed me to actually enjoy my breakfast more because I am no longer semi-comatose as I chew on toast. I am also more likely to make healthier choices because my brain is actually working by that time. Still, I have four favourites that I always alternate between and I am fast getting bored of them.

My current favourites are:

  • avocado on toast (sprinkled with paprika and garlic powder)
  • porridge with almond milk, honey, nuts, seeds and fruit
  • scrambled or fried eggs on toast
  • pancakes with maple syrup (on Sundays)

I’m on a mission to find out which foods are bloating me so much and making me feel so sluggish and I think I’ve pinned down the two biggest offenders: wheat (I don’t know whether it’s just wheat or gluten in general) and cow’s milk.

What I know is that sourdough bread doesn’t bloat me at all, but I only have it when we’re abroad. If you know anywhere I can get it locally (on the smaller island), please let me know! I have also avoided cow’s milk for a few months now, substituting it with almond or coconut milk and I definitely see a difference. I am fine with cheese but yogurts and milk are off limits for me.

And this is where I turn to you. What’s your favourite breakfast? Do you have any suggestions for a healthy breakfast which doesn’t involve wheat and cow’s milk?

PS – thank you for all your suggestions regarding exercise following my recent post about the subject! I’m waiting to undergo an MRI and will hopefully know where I can start after that.



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  1. My current favorite is a cup of frozen mango, 1 scoop vanilla protein, 2 teaspoons dessicated coconut, 1 teaspoon peanut butter, water, baby spinach (around 10-15 grams). Blitz until smooth.

    Tastes like dessert. I prepare 3 portions in one go and freeze it if I’m eating 2 or more days later.

  2. Smoothies – fruit, non dairy milk, avocado, nuts/seeds, honey
    Breakfast bars – oats, quinoa, dried fruit, nuts, honey/maple syrup
    Scrambled eggs/smoked salmon/avocado on rice cakes
    Overnight oats – oats, non dairy milk, seeds, fruit

  3. My fav is two poached eggs and half an avocado with some lemon juice or salt. No milk, no bread! 👍🏼

    • Would you believe me if I told you I’ve never made a poached egg in my life? 🙈 And bread…I’m so addicted to it! Gluten free doesn’t leave me feeling like I ate a brick but I’d really love to be able to not reach for it so often.

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