Learning should be fun

A year ago, I wrote about a game I play with Robin when she’s running low on motivation to do her homework. We still play that game occasionally, but I have also been looking for alternative material to help her practice her reading, writing and maths skills without it feeling like a chore.

Her paternal grandparents were both teachers and every time they visit, they give her enough fun workbooks and activity sheets to last her a lifetime. She loves them and enjoys pretending she’s a teacher and explaining the activities to her long-suffering little sister. On other days, however, she just wants to sit at the computer and watch silly YouTube videos or play games. I usually hate it when she sits at the computer because she becomes catatonic within minutes and that’s the last thing she needs after a day sitting at a school desk.

That all changed recently when I was approached by Education.com to try their resources. Education.com is an educational website with worksheets and online games for children. I am so glad I tried it! Now Robin uses the website most afternoons to practice her adding and subtracting, sight words, reading and much more and she LOVES it! She feels like she’s just playing and that’s the best way to learn, in my opinion. I also like the fact that you can track your child’s progress through the site.

She still skateboards from the bedrooms to the living room and uses our sofas as trampolines when she’s had enough, but at least I know that the time spent sitting down is being put to good use.

[A message from Education.com: “Spice up the holidays with our festive word scramble. Find other great worksheets, games, and activities for your child at Education.com!”]

This is not a sponsored post. I just like Education.com and love to share any tips that might help other mums in raising their children. 



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