My NameTags review and giveaway

When people warned me that the workload increased exponentially once you had the third child, I nodded silently but smiled smugly inside, knowing I couldn’t possibly be busier than I already was. I would be the most organised mother of three, taking it all in my stride!

Let’s all take a moment to laugh at my naive pre-Ivy self.

Fast forward three years and I spend approximately 98% of my waking hours trying to keep my family alive and healthy and our house habitable. And that is before I even have the time or energy to get any paying work done. If you were one of the kind souls who thought I should be warned before adding a third child to our family, please accept my apologies. I had grossly underestimated your wisdom.

Which brings me to my biggest mission right now: to simplify my life.

Having already thrown out or donated a big chunk of my children’s toys and unused clothes (not to mention most of the mementos collected in my four decades of life), my husband and I decided to take things to the next level. The creative in him went to Ikea twice last month, coming back each time armed with new cupboards, shelving, smart lighting systems and drawer organisers. As for me, I stocked up on notebooks, calendars and noticeboards. It’s how I deal with chaos. I make lists.

I thought I was set for the year ahead until I got an email from My NameTags, asking me whether I would like to try their labels. Was my computer spying on me? Did this company employ psychics? How could they know that I had just been thinking of investing in personalised labels after years of scribbling my daughters’ names on their belongings with permanent markers?

I had never tried My NameTags or any other personalised name tags before but was familiar with the brand. Most of my friends had been using them for years and they all swore by them. So I went for it and ordered some sticker ones for Robin (which can be used on clothes, shoes, bottles, toys, books and anything else) and iron-on ones for Ivy.

Let me start by saying how swift and efficient their service is. Not only were they very helpful with any questions I had, but the labels themselves were here within 3 days of my ordering them. So far, they have undergone a few washes and they still look brand new and I wouldn’t expect any less from a company that guarantees their labels for 10 years! 

Best of all, my children now think I’m the best mum in the universe. That alone was worth throwing away my permanent markers for.



My NameTags are kindly offering a set of colour sticker name tags to one of my readers (that’s 56 stickers which you can personalise with name, phone number, colour, background and design).

If you want to participate, simply follow @islandfairy on Instagram and tag three friends on the Instagram or Facebook giveaway entry. 


my nametags-3
I blotted out part of my phone number for the purposes of these nametags-1



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