A different kind of lullaby

Maia hardly ever watched TV when she was Robin’s age. She would only watch an episode or two of Barney and we were all fine with that.

With Robin it’s a different story. Not only do I resort to her favourite cartoons when I need to get something done without her hanging onto my leg (like make her lunch or wash the dishes when the kitchen counter is covered in them) but they also come in handy when I’m trying to give her her inhaler. She resists it and pushes it away or just screams in the chamber, which makes the whole process pretty useless. When distracted, however, we usually manage to go about five seconds without her realising she’s inhaling the nasty-smelling Ventolin.

It all started with a soft spot for Barney (what is it with that purple dinosaur?!) and has now moved on to Sesame Street; Elmo, to be precise. She has a few favourite songs we watch on YouTube and I like most of them but my favourite one has to be the Lullaby with Ricky Gervais. We’re huge fans of Gervais in this house (the husband would build him a shrine if he could) and this video cracks me up every single time, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I dare you not to giggle!




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  1. lol i tried not to giggle hehe FAIL

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